Semantics.Framework 2.0

Semantics.Framework is a comprehensive collection of class libraries and components for working with RDF data in the presentation and services layers of an application. Semantics.Framework is based on the Microsoft .NET framework and can be used with Microsoft ASP.NET and Microsoft Silverlight.


  • SPARQL and Inference Rule Processing
  • In-memory Graphs
  • RDF Streams
  • Semantics.Datacenter and Semantics.Server Client API †
  • ASP.NET Data †
  • Silverlight Web Components
  • SPARQL Development Tools

This feature is not included in the Express Edition.

Free Express Edition

The Express Edition has all of the core RDF processing capabilities of the Standard Edition. This includes: RDF streams, in-memory graphs, SPARQL and inference rules processing, and developer tools.

The Express Edition can be installed on any computer without a license fee and includes a redistributable runtime component.


Semantics.Framework is licensed on a per server basis. A server license allows Semantics.Framework to be installed on a single server (a single operating system image). There is no limit on the number of users that can access the software on that server. Semantics.Framework web browser components must be delivered to the browser from a licensed server. These web browser components can only be used while a session is actively established with the licensed server and cannot be permanently installed on any device other than the licensed server.

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