Semantics Platform 2.0
Semantics Platform is a family of products for building medium and large scale semantics-based applications using the Microsoft .NET framework. It provides semantic technology for the storage, services and presentation layers of an application.
  • RDF Data Storage
  • SPARQL Query and Inference Rule Processing
  • Class libraries for the Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server Support
  • Microsoft ASP.NET Web Components
  • Microsoft Silverlight Libraries
  • Developer Tools

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Semantics.Datacenter is our newest storage solution based on our proprietary In-Memory Database (IMDB). IMDB provides a scale-out strategy for RDF data storage via the distribution of data and processing over an expandable set of worker nodes deployed in a cluster. Replication and file-based journaling ensures high availability and recovery of the IMDB storage system.


Semantics.Server is our RDF data storage solution based on Microsoft SQL Server. Semantics.Server allows RDF data to be stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database and queried using SPARQL and inference rules.


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Semantics.Framework is a comprehensive collection of class libraries and components for working with RDF data in the presentation and services layers of an application. Semantics.Framework is based on the Microsoft .NET framework and can be used with Microsoft ASP.NET and Microsoft Silverlight.


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Semantics.Developer provides each member of a development team with access to all the software in the Semantics Platform product family to design, develop and test their applications.


Our Online Video Library contains videos that describe and demonstrate our products. They provide an execellent starting point for learning how to use our products. These videos can all be viewed directly from our web site in your browser.
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